Phew, Much Better!

September 25, 2008 at 3:13 am Leave a comment

After a restless night of worrying that Louise had suffered some horrible memory loss and would never be clicker trained again, we had an extremely successful couple of sessions today. Although we did have to take a step back and re-train a bit (I had to go back to the shaping phase and work back up to clicking when she was across the tank) Louise was on task, hungry, and energetic. During our second session we got in over 110 trials! It was awesome and I think we’re back to the point we were before her “off days.” She is coming to the food corner when I click about 75% if the time and most of the other times are when she is sniffing around or grooming. However, I did notice that she stopped grooming at least once to run over to the correct corner; and she also ran to the corner as soon as she finished doing whatever she was doing a couple of times. Regardless, we’ve definitely taken a giant leap forward!


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What Happened?! Summary of Louise’s Clicker Training Journey

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