Only three days left!

September 21, 2008 at 6:21 pm Leave a comment

The Tuesday deadline for having Louise clicker trained is fast approaching and I feel as if we’ve reached a plateau. Louise has been great during training–she is always hungry and she hangs out in the correct corner throughout most of the session. We even tend to get in at least 70 trials per session! However, it seems like our time is spent clicking, dropping the food, and eating, over and over. Not much else seems to be happening!

Thus, yesterday I decided it was time to switch things up a bit. Instead of just clicking and dropping over and over, I have begun waiting for a few seconds between each trial. This gives her the opportunity to attend to something else or meander away a bit. As soon as she begins to turn away, I click and drop the food. Over the next couple of days I’ll let her get farther and farther away from the corner before I click. Hopefully this will eventually lead to her coming to the corner when I click, regardless of where she is in the tank.

Right now, she sometimes comes to the corner when I click, but I think anytime she would move away before I started this new method, she was actually too distracted by some new smell or sound (in which case, she doesn’t seem at all affected by the click.) Thus, by giving her the opportunity to move, but not forget about what we’re doing, hopefully she’ll begin to get it! I’m nervous because it’s coming down to the wire, but I think we’ll get it soon.


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