Louise’s Clicker Training Videos

September 17, 2008 at 2:50 am Leave a comment

I’ve posted a couple of videos in order to 1) somewhat show my method of training and 2) more easily explain where Louise and I stand right now regarding training. In the first video, you can see how I click when I drop the piece of food, and then click again when Louise finds and eats the food. You can also see how Louise has learned that the bottom left corner of the aquarium is where she gets food, and she seems to be hungry enough to hang out in that area most of the time.

Furthermore, you can see that I often put my hand at the corner of the aquarium without dropping food and without clicking. I began doing this when I realized Louise had begun to associate my hand with the food rather than the clicker. Although she sometimes still reacts to my hand (she often looks into the air for my hand, rather than at the ground for the food), the behavior is becoming more rare.

In the beginning of the second video, I was able to capture Louise reacting to the clicker and eventually moving over to the “food corner.” This is not a common occurrence but the behavior is promising!


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