Erika and Penelope

September 10, 2008 at 10:29 pm Leave a comment

I have a little bit of catching up to do. First, Penelope and I met for the first time on Sept. 2. It was not love at first sight as I had hoped for, but I definitely thought a friendship was in our future. Penelope was very shy and timid. Most of the time when I handled her she would pee on me. After many hours of bonding she has gotten a lot better. I like to think she is excitied to see me. One of her favorite things to do is climb in my lab coat and crawl around. She also likes to play in my arm sleeves. She seems to be more comfortable with me. I would enjoy more time with her before I start training, but this class is only a semester and we have to get moving.  Penelope and I will be just fine together!

We started clicker training yesterday. I do not feel that we have made any significant progress. I am scared that I am starving her too much. When we start, Penelope is more interested in the box she is in than the food. We have tried several times, but she just has not gotten comfortable being in the box yet. I am going to have to let her play around in the box for a while before I start next time. Whenever she did grab the food, as soon as I would click it scared her and she dropped the food and ran away. I do not think she is making any connections yet. I gave her food today after I left and will take it away in the morning. We will try again tomorrow afternoon. Wish us luck!


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