Carly and Louise: Week 1

September 6, 2008 at 7:38 pm Leave a comment

My first meeting with Louise on Tuesday was great.  She was extremely frisky and I learned first hand why it’s important not to take your eyes off the rats–she very nearly ended up on the floor!

As the week progressed, however, I began to see the difference between the nervous, energetic Louise I first met and the calmer, more comfortable Louise I have now!  Although she certainly still likes to run up and down my body during our daily “bonding” sessions, she doesn’t seem nearly as nervous anymore.  She no longer shies away from my hands and she will often come right up to my face for a sniff.  I’ve also noticed that she often sits still for a few seconds at a time (a big improvement!) and even seems comfortable enough to give herself short baths while I hold her.  But the majority of the time she is running back and forth and trying to burrow into my pockets.

On the other hand, loud sounds still make her nervous and I’ve noticed the characteristic freezing response a couple of times as a result of some abrupt sound or movement.  She also does not seem to enjoy being picked up.  She tenses up and moves to the back of her cage when I try to get her out.  I have been trying to pick her up and handle her as much as possible during our one hour sessions and I hope to see some improvement in the next few days!

I also noticed on Wednesday that she had a good amount of food left; however, she had no food left when I came  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (around the same time each day.)  I’ll have to keep an eye on her eating habits, which will become easier when I begin weighing her food next week.

Overall, right now Louise and I are still getting to know each other and I’m hoping she calms down even a bit more before we start working on training a trick next week.


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